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Finally… summer has arrived. Most of us are more than ready to pack up the car and take off on a family adventure. Whether you're going on a cruise, visiting Canada's National Parks, or simply looking forward to spending the dog days of summer at your lakeside retreat, you'll enjoy your precious time away when you know your home is safe and secure.

There are simple things that you can do to help secure your home:

  • In the summer, we want our homes to look inviting, but not to burglars! Make sure all your windows and doors (including side doors and garage doors) have sturdy, operating locks in place.
  • Place bars in sliding doors, as they are more vulnerable.
  • Let a neighbor (or two!) use your driveway to park a car.
  • Don't forget your ADT security stickers and lawn sign. Make sure stickers are properly displayed on your front door and in areas visible to potential burglars. Need to order some? Call us at 800-653-9111.
  • Subscribe to ADT interactive services. We offer a wide range of easy-to-use, convenient and, dare we say, fun interactive services to help keep your home safe, whether you are there or not! Here’s how.

Our remote video surveillance lets you check in and view footage from around your home (because let's face it, along with security, we also wonder how our hydrangeas are doing when we're gone!). By keeping an eye on your home, you can ask your neighbor to remove any flyers or notices left in plain view. You can record activity at preset times or, if you prefer, begin recording when motion is detected.

With remote control for lighting and appliances, you can control when lights turn on and off at your home, from virtually anywhere. You can set up a schedule and then change it at any time to ensure your home appears occupied, even if you and your family are miles away!

Did you rush off and wonder if your front door was indeed locked after you left? Thanks to our interactive door lock, which works from your smartphone, you can securely lock it with a click. Do you have someone coming by to water your plants? Why pass out keys when you can provide them with a passcode to enter. Then just change the passcode the moment you return!

Finally, if you're returning during an unprecedented heat wave, you can remotely adjust the temperature on our interactive thermostat so that you arrive to a cool house.

With so many interactive services that add convenience, control and security to your life, why leave for summer vacation without having them all? Call 800-653-9111 to speak to a security expert today.

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