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Never heard of a turkey alarm? You may be surprised to learn that burning turkeys trigger a significant number of false alarms during the holidays! Other seasonal culprits include too much noise on New Year’s Eve and moving decorations. Don’t let your holiday festivities lead to false alarms.

Here is a compilation of the top causes of false alarms during the holidays and how to prevent them:

Fire alarms

It’s not uncommon for the all-day cooking of a holiday feast to cause a false alarm by activating your smoke detector. To prevent both false alarms and a possible fire, ensure that your oven is clean before using it. Turkey fires are a cause for concern over the holidays and people should be mindful when cooking anything for an extended period. In the event of fire, turn the oven off, keep the oven door closed, dial 911 and follow the call-taker's instructions. If you do accidently initiate a false alarm (there is no fire) then please contact our monitoring centre at 800-653-9111 and select Option 1 to report a false alarm. Also, check and test your smoke detectors on a regular basis.

Intrusion alarms

  • The celebrations often reach a crescendo on New Year’s Eve. In some cases, the windows in your house can even vibrate if the noise is great enough. If you have a glass break sensor, these vibrations can trigger an intrusion alarm. To prevent setting off a false alarm, be mindful of big bash celebrations and keep sound in check. Please ensure that the zones that can be affected have either been bypassed or are not armed or active.
  • Another type of intrusion alarm may be caused by moving decorations. If you have a motion detector, an alarm can be triggered when your heating and cooling system moves air around the house, causing the decorations to move. To prevent this type of false alarm, be sure that your holiday decorations are placed far enough away from the motion detector so that it cannot detect minor movement.
  • Are you travelling for the holidays? The person you have asked to watch over your house may forget his or her passcode and trigger a false alarm. To prevent this occurrence, make sure that all visitors know their passcode and are aware of how to operate your alarm system during your absence. Visitors must also know what to do if the alarm is activated by mistake. If you plan to travel, please inform us so that we may temporarily update your contact information and dispatch procedures. To do so, call us at 800-653-9111 to update your information.

By following these preventive tips, you can reduce the likelihood of a false alarm and enjoy the holiday season with peace of mind.

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