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Fire monitoring helped save these pets’ lives

It was midday on New Year’s Eve in Flemington, New Jersey when a fire broke out in the home of John and Kathy Suchorsky who were away. Trapped inside were their three beloved pets; Riley, a golden retriever along with two cats; Cleo and Romeo. As the fire raged, a signal from the home’s security sys...

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"My system protects me every night"

  "My security system protects me every night. I even know someone from Terrebonne who had a break-in at night while he was sleeping. My security system helps prevent this from happening. When I leave for the day, if there’s ever a fire—since I also heat with wood—the system will save my little d...

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How fire protection saved this customer's house

  Sylvia N. from Alberta submitted this story about how our fire protection helped limit the damage to her house following a cooking-related accident. “Within a few weeks of signing up with Reliance Protectron, my husband left a frying pan on the stove in the morning. After I got up, I must have...

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