You want a security system installed in your home but you’re wondering which one to choose. We help you see things clearly. Check out all our tips!

Make the right choice in 4 easy steps

You’ve decided to have a security and home automation system installed in your home. But with all the different products available on the market, choosing one seems complicated. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose an expert security company
  2. Determine your needs
  3. Meet with a representative
  4. Feel great about completing your purchase


1. Choose an expert security company

The company should be:

Also, a company with nationwide presence can work in your favour. For one thing, if you move, your subscription services can easily be transferred to your new address.

We meet all these criterias. With more than 140 years of security expertise, we provide customized solutions and we have offices throughout Canada.

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2. Consider your needs

Before contacting the service provider you are considering, it’s always a good idea to decide what needs are important to you.

  • What type of protection are you looking for: against intruders, fire, hazardous gases, water damage, temperature fluctuations?
  • Alongside the common personal protection services like those mentioned above, there are many other security options. For example, if you are elderly or have a chronic illness, it could be helpful to wear a medical alert button. If you have children who get home from school earlier than you get home from work, electronic notification by email, text messages (SMS) of comings and goings in your home or interactive video monitoring may be useful.

To make things easy for you, we have developed a range of packages that provide traditional personal protection services (fire, intrusion, burglary) as well as more advanced services, such as interactive technologies and home automation.

However, if none of these packages meets your needs, we provide customized solutions.

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3. Meet with a representative

Once you have considered your security needs, meeting with a representative lets you explore all the available options and find the solution that best fits your situation and budget.

A Protectron expert’s visit to your home is free and without any obligation. The expert will walk through your home and provide an exact count of which devices should go where, as well as explain the many choices in available services. Should you decide to proceed with us, the expert will provide you with a welcome kit that will familiarize you with how the security system works. We are able to send a representative to most regions in Canada. However, in certain territories, the consultation may be done over the phone with one of our sales agents.


4. Feel great about your choice

Once you’ve made your choice, installation follows within days, and a few hours is all it takes to get your security system up and running.

Meet with one of our reprensentatives at your earliest convenience!


Customized solutions

Whatever your needs, we provide customized solutions perfectly tailored to your situation. This floor plan of a house shows you how seamlessly your equipment can be connected to ensure your optimum safety.

1. Interactive lighting module

Light is synonymous with safety. With this module, you won’t ever move around in the dark yet you will save energy costs, because the light only goes on after detecting your presence. Outside, twinned with a motion detector, it will help scare away anyone with bad intentions. 

2.  Motion detector

This type of detection protects your home inside and out. Twinned with the interactive lighting module, it never leaves you in the dark and it saves energy costs. Outside, it is placed in strategic locations to trigger an alarm if someone enters a protected area. Please note that you can get motion detectors specially designed for pets. Your cat or small dog can roam freely about the house without setting off false alarms.

3. Door and window contacts

Door and window contacts are installed on their frames to detect the opening or closing of a door or window. When the door or window is opened, a signal is sent to the panel. This device effectively detects intrusions.

4. Smoke detector

Protectron’s smoke detectors are connected to our monitoring centres. In case of fire, an alarm signal is automatically sent, so one of our agents can request emergency services right away. This means that you are protected even if you are asleep or away from home.

5. Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is an instrument that cleverly alerts you by sending you an alarm signal if a room’s temperature changes from its programmed temperature. This makes it ideal for controlling the temperature in a baby’s room, for example.

6. Interactive thermostat

Protectron’s interactive thermostat makes life easier while saving energy costs. Combined with personalized triggers and a remote control, it is designed for use with central air conditioning. From, you can remotely control the temperature of your home. The mobile app also lets you set the thermostat with a simple touch from anywhere in the world. That makes it practical for vacations! 

7. Outdoor camera

Knowing if your kids are home from school safe and sound is one of the functions of our outdoor camera. It lets you monitor your home in real time, from wherever you are, online or from your smartphone. You can record events at fixed times or when the system detects movement. What’s more, you can determine when and how the system notifies you about the recordings it makes. For this, you will need disk space on our servers to save recordings until you can view them. 

8. Wireless video interphone

This electronic door surveillance set is an audio/video interphone that is as easy to install as it is to use. It offers many benefits to anyone wishing to enhance their own and their family’s security. When visitors push the outdoor call button, the camera transmits their image to the video monitor located inside, while an electronic chime sounds whenever a visitor is at the door. You can then communicate by interphone.

9. Interactive lock

This service, still only rarely offered by our competitors, lets you enhance your security while improving your comfort. Among other things, it lets you lock and unlock your doors remotely and manage different access codes for each of your guests or family members.

10. Keyboard and wireless colour touchscreen control panel (the brain of the system)

On top of providing cutting edge monitoring services, the Go! Control colour touchscreen interactive system, and all similar technology from Protectron's products, enables you to control your system from anywhere via the Internet or from your smartphone, to arm and disarm it remotely, and much more. This system comes with advanced features and is offered at a very affordable price.

11. Indoor camera

The indoor camera allows you to monitor your home in real time from anywhere, via the Internet or from your smartphone. You can record events at set times or when the system detects motion in your home. What’s more, you can determine when and how the system notifies you about the recordings it makes. For this, you will need disk space on our servers to save recordings until you can view them

12. Water level monitoring

Installed on your sump pump, for example, a water level monitor connected to our monitoring centres makes it easier to detect water leaks. If this happens, our staff will dispatch the appropriate emergency services to minimize any damages.

13. Protectron decals for windows

The homes burglars avoid the most have Protectron stickers clearly displayed. That’s because they know the security system is connected to a monitoring centre. These stickers are affixed to vulnerable access points, such as your home’s doors and windows.