What is a security system?

A security system is a set of components installed to detect and prevent potentially dangerous situations. They are generally made up of detection components, a control module, a keypad, and a siren.

Its effectiveness is significantly improved when the system is connected to a monitoring centre. This guarantees a rapid response by the appropriate authorities, which in turn increases security.

All of the anti-theft security systems we sell and install at Protectron are connected to our national network of monitoring centres.

What is monitoring?

When a monitored security system is activated, it is connected to a monitoring centre via the phone line. If a detector goes off while the system is activated, the phone line automatically sends a signal to our monitoring centre. For more information on our system link options, visit our Residential services section.  

Is the security system linked to a police station?

No. The security system is connected to Protectron’s national network of virtual monitoring centres. Our staff confirms each alarm signal and determines how to respond based on the situation (check for false alarm or call the fire department, police, or emergency medical services as required).

What is the role of a security company and remote monitoring centre?

The security company takes care of selling, installing, maintaining and repairing security system components, and handles customer service. The monitoring centre dispatchers receive, process and follow up on the various alarm signals received.

Where are the remote monitoring centres located?

Our monitoring centres are located in Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec City. Our facilities boast state-of-the-art virtual monitoring technology and an extensive fiber optic network. In the event that a natural disaster or other emergency situation affects one of our monitoring centres, the other centres takes over, guaranteeing you uninterrupted service 24/7.

What is ULC certification?

ULC stands for  Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada. ULC certification indicates that a product or system has been evaluated and tested for compliance under the ULC Canadian standards.

Can I use a security system even if I have a pet?

Yes. Although pets can be a challenge for security systems, particularly if they have free access to the protected area or weigh over 100 pounds, specially adapted motion detectors are available at an additional cost.

Contact one of our specialists, who will be happy to discuss this option with you.

Is the system easy to use?

Yes. The installation technician will explain how the system works upon completing the installation. The system comes with a complete user’s manual and instruction guide along with the handy “Welcome to Protectron” kit. In addition, you can always call Customer Service at 1-800-653-9111.

When and how often should I check my security system?

  • Check your system regularly to avoid being caught off guard in an emergency situation.
  • Test your system once a month to be sure your communications link is operational.

Your security system is connected to a monitoring center. Every time your system goes off, it sends a signal to the monitoring centre.

To avoid unnecessary dispatches, first call the monitoring centre and identify yourself with your password or PIN and tell the agent how long you’ll be testing your system.  

What do I do when I contact an agent at the monitoring centre?

  1. Give the main phone number of the protected property.
  2. Identify yourself using your password or PIN.
  3. Give your name.
  4. Describe the reason for your call or the cause of the alarm.

What is the role of the people listed on my call list?

When your security system is triggered, an agent dials the number of the protected site.

If no one answers or if the person who does answer cannot identify him or herself using a password or PIN, the agent will call the police (depending on your pre-set instructions).
The agent will try to contact a person on your call list.

Remember to notify your contact people if you plan to be gone for an extended period.

When one of the people listed on your call list arrives at the site after an alarm goes off while you’re gone, they must first check the outside of the premises before entering the protected site. It is strongly recommended to wait until the police arrive before entering the premises.

For an effective response, contact people should:

  • Live near the protected location
  • Have keys to the site
  • Have an access code to arm and disarm the alarm system, and a PIN to identify themselves.

Your Protectron residential security representative can meet these people to explain their responsibilities and show them how to arm and disarm the security system. 

How do I update my file and emergency call list? 

Simply contact your Protectron monitoring centre, identify yourself with your PIN, and indicate the changes you wish to make.

Why doesn’t my phone work when my alarm goes off?

When you arm or disarm your security system, the phone line may be busy for 20 to 50 seconds (depending on the type of system). The system transmits a signal to our monitoring centre indicating its status.

Will my alarm system function in the event of a power outage?

Yes. In the event of a power outage, the backup battery will take over for a number of hours. If the battery is low, the system will alert the monitoring centre, and you will be notified of the low battery signal.

What do I do if I set off my security system and cause a false alarm?

The siren will sound. If you accidentally set off the alarm, stay calm.

  • Enter your code on the keypad, making sure you carefully press each button to deactivate the alarm.
  • Wait approximately one minute.
  • Call the Protectron monitoring centre to notify us (or, call on your cellular phone if you have one).

 Otherwise, an agent will initiate your dispatch procedures.

Can my warranty be extended?

Yes. For only a few extra dollars a month, Protectron offers an extended warranty that covers all repair or replacement fees for your security devices (parts and labour), but not for batteries.

Contact one of our experts to get it.

Is the information in my file up to date?

It is very important to notify us of any changes that could affect the operation of your security system. For your security, you should immediately notify Protectron if you:

  • Change your home or work phone number
  • Make changes to your emergency contact list
  • Add a new user (babysitter, housekeeper, roommate, etc.)
  • Get a pet (which could require the addition of a special motion detector for pets)
  • Plan renovations that could interfere with the operation of your security system.

If your telephone service provider needs to work on your phone line, please test your security system after their technician leaves.

To notify us of a change in your file, please call Customer Service at 1-800-653-9111.

How do I avoid paying a fee for having the police respond to a false alarm?

Many municipalities now charge fees when police are dispatched to respond to false alarms. By-laws vary from one municipality to another.

  • Check with your municipality to find out about current by-laws.
  • Be sure that all system users have a good understanding of how to operate the system.
  • Avoid leaving objects in the home that could move or blow about and set off an alarm.
  • Pets can be given free reign of the home as long as proper motion detectors are in place.

To avoid high dispatch fees, Protectron offers a Guard Response Service (available in most regions). When an alarm is triggered, Protectron will dispatch a uniformed guard to the premise to assess the situation and take the necessary measures.

To learn how to avoid false alarms, visit our section How to avoid false alarms

What telephony services are compatible with my security system?

Depending on your security system, alarm signals might be transmitted through your phone line or the Internet, or both. If your security system uses your phone line to transmit alarms to the monitoring centre, a special type of installation allows the security system to use the phone line even if you are using it for a call or sending a fax. In other words, your security system only uses your phone in priority cases.

A quality phone service will allow your security system to transmit alarms to the monitoring centre at any time. In the event of a power outage, the phone service must remain operational for four hours or more, just like your security system, which is equipped with a back-up battery. (The vast majority of power outages last less than four hours.)

To ensure optimal operations for your security system, Reliance Protectron recommends that you use suppliers for whom transmission tests have been conducted and whose installation standards have been validated. These suppliers are:

  • Videotron
  • Cogeco 
  • Shaw Cable 
  • Bell Canada and other suppliers of basic phone service 

(British Columbia Telephone Co, AGT, Saskatchewan Telecommunications, Manitoba Telephone System, New Brunswick Telephone Co, The Island Telephone Co, Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Co, Newfoundland Telephone Co, Telus and others)

If you use these suppliers, Protectron will not have to carry out post-installation verification at your home. In the case of cable telephony offered by a supplier that does not appear in the list above, we strongly recommend that you call Protectron to have one of our qualified technicians verify the installation to ensure compatibility between the phone service and your security system.

Note: Protectron recommends the use of high-performance communications technologies; however, we cannot guarantee perfect operations since no technology is considered completely invulnerable or infallible. Consequently, Protectron cannot accept any responsibility regarding the choice of telephony service made by our customers.

Is Voice over IP (VoIP) compatible?

Voice over IP, that is, Internet-based phone service, differs from cable telephony and traditional phone service.

  • Often, it does not give priority to security systems.
  • Generally, it is not equipped with a back-up system in case of a power outage.
  • it is not always compatible with the communications “language” used by security systems.

We don’t recommend using VoIP with a security system since it does not possess the reliability needed to complement your security system.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 1-800-653-9111.  

How can I enhance my security system?

Whatever the supplier or technology, no phone service is completely infallible. To protect your system from phone-service malfunctions or breaches in a phone-network wire, we offer the SkyGARD™ service, which uses the latest wireless technology. This attractively priced service is offered in two versions – high security and very high security – to answer our customers’ needs. This service requires the purchase and installation of a communication module and is available only in areas served by a wireless network using GSM or CDMA technology.

Find out more by calling Customer Service at 1-800-653-9111.

I don’t have a landline at home any more. Can I still keep my security system?

The widespread use of mobile or wireless telephony has resulted in a major change, with many consumers deciding not to subscribe to traditional phone service and to use only mobile technology.

To serve you better, Protectron has designed its SkyGARD™ family of wireless services to enable customers to enjoy complete security without having to rely on a landline.

When you subscribe to this very affordable service, you can choose the phone service you wish, and your security system will operate normally and efficiently.

This service requires the purchase and installation of a communication module and is available only in areas served by a wireless network using GSM or CDMA technology.

Find out more by calling Customer Service at 1-800-653-9111.

Can my system send alarms over the Internet?

Yes, that’s a possibility. However, transmission over Internet requires a special type of installation to ensure appropriate security.

For our commercial customers, this transmission is sometimes carried over a private network using our NetGARD™ range of services, which allow us to respond to our customers’ specific needs, namely, to make use of Internet access. We will soon be providing similar services to our residential customers.  

Find out more by calling Customer Service at 1-800-653-9111.