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Protection against theft and intrusion

Protection against theft and intrusion is a serious concern for every business owner. From equipment to installation, we help you make the right choice!

In addition to an efficient security system, you will have a panic button at your fingertips to request emergency services if needed.

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Fire monitoring

Protect your employees and your business from fire and smoke! By connecting your detectors to our monitoring centres, you and your employees will be better protected. 

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SkyGARD-C™ wireless (cellular) transmission

More secure than conventional phone lines and more affordable than supervised lines, SkyGARD-C™ gives you added protection.

  • If the main phone line is down (malfunction or vandalism), alarm signals are sent by a cellular transmitter
  • Free from physical outside disturbance
  • Can also be used as a primary communication line when no landline connection is available1

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  1. Depending on the range of the area’s wireless network coverage.


Based on the very latest in wireless, dedicated and supervised IP communication, SkyGARD-X™ service uses two-way communication between your security system and our monitoring centres.

  • If the signal is interrupted, the monitoring centre follows the customized emergency action plan.
  • This high-security link meets  ULC certification standards.
  • It is used to replace other high-security systems.

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DVACS is a supervised telephone line that makes it possible to maintain permanent contact between the alarm system and the monitoring centre.

  • Rapid intervention from the monitoring centre if phone service is interrupted
  • Meets  ULC certification standards

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Benefit from the latest supervised communication technology at a great affordable price!

  • Transmission of alarm signals by your high speed Internet line, supervised by our monitoring centre
  • In the event of network malfunction or vandalism, the monitoring centre is quickly alerted and verification procedures are launched
  • Easy installation
  • TCP/IP transmission eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line, so often less costly than other secure transmission technologies
  • Meets Level 3  ULC certification standards

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Unlike most of our competitors, the QualiGARD™ extended service plan, over and above the manufacturer’s basic warranty, comes with all our packages. After all, even top quality security systems need regular maintenance.      .

This plan includes labour and the replacement of defective equipment and parts (except batteries) for your intrusion and fire security system for as long as the monthly fees are paid.1

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  1. Certain conditions apply.

LoneGARD™ lone worker monitoring

LoneGARDTM is a proactive, automated monitoring service for people who work alone or in isolation. Optimal security at a very affordable price!

  • Automatic calls to lone workers at predetermined intervals
  • If the first check-in calls go unanswered, two additional calls are made at three-minute intervals
  • If the check-in calls fail, up to three different contact persons are automatically notified
  • If the calls to the contact persons fail, our monitoring centre calls the lone worker’s employer or other listed resources. 

The LoneGARD™ service requires no equipment other than a regular landline or cell phone.

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Mechanical supervision

Every second lost can have serious consequences in the case of mechanical malfunctions. That makes detection and reaction time of paramount importance.

This specialized service is mainly offered to companies interested in monitoring mechanical equipment that is essential to their operations, such as sprinklers.

A customized emergency action plan is followed by our monitoring centre in the event of:

  • Variation in room temperature
  • Change in water level
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Change in pressure

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Dangerous gas monitoring

Protect your employees from carbon monoxide (CO)! If sensed, our detectors notify the monitoring centre, which then takes the appropriate measures to help you.

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Monitoring of extreme temperature fluctuations

Be informed of abnormal temperature fluctuations and prevent damage caused by frost or overheating.

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Be notified of flood risks to reduce or prevent damage caused by water!

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TeleGARD™ electronic messenger

Connect your security system to your email address or smartphone! You will receive notifications at all times about the status of your system and everything that is happening in your organization.

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Opening/closing activity report

Every time a user arms or disarms the security system, the monitoring centre’s software records the data.

As a result, you obtain:

  • A complete electronic or printed report on your system’s use
  • Proper supervision of your staff’s attendance

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C-TPAT certification

Events on September 11, 2001 uncovered the need to improve security in general throughout the United States. The United States Government therefore adopted measures to tighten security at Customs by establishing partnerships with importing countries, notably Canada, under the Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

What is C-TPAT?

Created by the United States government in partnership with the industry, this program guarantees a high level of integrity in supply-chain management. Interested companies must:

  • Submit a request to join the C-TPAT program as a recognized participant
  • Present a detailed analysis of its logistical supply chain and if necessary, set up a security improvement plan
  • Be granted certification
  • Follow C-TPAT recommendations

Services related to C-TPAT certification

Some of the measures required for the enhancement of supply-chain security at industrial plants, storage facilities and vehicle fleets are directly related to physical security.

The required electronic security systems are the following:

  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control systems

Consultants trained in C-TPAT standards

In our commitment to outstanding customer service, we had our consultants trained in C-TPAT standards so that they, in turn, could guide you through the accreditation steps. We provide a complete range of services that help achieve C-TPAT certification.

  • Consultation
  • Evaluation and recommendations
  • Installation of security systems
  • Maintenance and inspection of security systems
  • ULC certification
  • Pre-audit

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