No need to rush to the site yourself anymore! Use our two types of services provided by specialized and professional security agents: guard response patrol and guard duty.

Two types of services provided by specialized and professional security agents:

  • Guard response patrol
  • Guard duty

Guard response patrol: Practical and cost-effective

In most Canadian cities, dispatching police resources for false alarms results in fairly heavy fines.

Also, police do not always guarantee immediate response to non-verified alarms, as false alarms are a waste of their resources. This is why the guard response patrol for alarms is an ideal and cost-effective solution.

  • Since alarm signals are verified by the patrol officer, you do not have to go to the site yourself and face the associated risks. 
  • Patrol service is provided by local certified companies selected for their expertise.  


If your alarm system goes off, our monitoring centre:

  • Dispatches a qualified security officer to the site
  • Obtains the report written by the officer
  • Contacts the required response services if necessary 


The guard response patrol service can carry out both an external verification and an internal verification of the premises.  

To learn more about the guard response patrol service, contact one of our experts!


Guard duty service: To limit damages

Guard duty ensures on-site security following an attempted break-in or other injurious event. 

A security officer can be sent to the site, and stay:

  • Until the premises are secure (e.g., until a broken window is boarded up)
  • While the security system is disabled