Manage your organization’s opening and closing schedule as well as staff access outside of regular business hours!

Control entrances and exits

access control

This service enables you to ensure that your business opens and closes according to schedule.

Whenever an unscheduled opening or closing is detected, the monitoring centre calls the contact person to report the situation.

A personalized schedule

  • Your situation is analyzed.
  • A personalized schedule is set that takes into account schedule variations according to the days of the week, holidays and any other specific dates.  
  • Depending on your preferences, an automatic message can be sent to our monitoring centre about an early opening or late closing.   
  • Acceptable delay tolerance is established to prevent unnecessary responses.


If an employee or maintenance person needs access outside of scheduled hours:

  • The individual must contact the monitoring centre for identification.
  • Access is authorized or denied based on the procedures on file. 
  • If unauthorized access is attempted, the agent communicates with a contact person from the company to report the situation.


If, by mistake, the employee accesses the site by disarming the system after scheduled hours and fails to inform the monitoring centre in advance:

  • An agent will call the site to identify the individual.
  • The procedures on file will be applied.

To learn more about access control for organizations, contact one of our experts!