ADT understands that small and medium businesses have their own unique security needs. Here’s the story of how ADT partnered with Habitation Harmonie in St-Lazare to deliver custom business security solutions for new or renovated homes.

Habitation Harmonie in St-Lazare

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Habitation Harmonie in St-Lazare provides custom designs and builds houses for customers in the St-Lazare/Hudson region.

Testimonial from

Sylvie Rozon, President

What are your security concerns?

“As a builder, I seek to provide my customers with the full package – not only the home, but also the security side of it. Customers don’t always think about security so it’s my job to sensitize them to it by explaining how it will bring them peace of mind.”

How did ADT address your concerns?

“For renovation projects, customers are concerned that they will need to spend extra time and money to tear up walls to install a system. When my consultant at ADT initially proposed the Go! Control system, I was thrilled at the idea of a wireless system, but skeptical of the actual installation being done without causing some damage to a finished home. The technicians actually complete the installation without leaving a trace, so customers can get the newest technology with minimal time and cost. When working on a new construction, it is automatic for me to propose security solutions so customers are protected from the day they move in.”

What are some benefits of having ADT’s services?

“The experts at ADT provide a simple solution which gets me exactly what the clients want, right away. ADT works with me to develop custom solutions based on the size and requirements of the homes I build or renovate. Each home is different and clients’ needs vary as well. Do they want video surveillance? Intrusion only? There are many options. After I propose the possible security solutions to my customers, my ADT consultant will meet with me and the customer to go over the final details. The customer is presented with a simple and clear quote that includes everything that was discussed. For the customer, the process is easy and this allows them to decide right on the spot.”

Would you recommend ADT to someone else?

“Yes, absolutely.  For a number of years already, ADT has been my company of choice for the protection of both my personal home and the homes I build through my company. The relationship established, along with the personal service I have received through my very knowledgeable sales representative has always made things easier for me as a builder. Furthermore, my homes are more secure with this system and my clients thrilled overall. What more can a builder or homeowner ask for, than for an excellent product and efficient service all around.”