We offer a number of security services to protect multi-site businesses. Here’s the story of how we partnered with Mac’s Convenience Stores to ensure employee safety and reduce the number of robberies.

Mac’s Convenience Stores

Year partnership began


Areas served

Ontario and Western Canada

Company description

Mac's Convenience Stores has served Canadians since 1961 in hundreds of communities large and small throughout Ontario and Western Canada. Their stores and offerings have been constantly evolving as they continually strive to be refreshingly convenient to their customers by offering quality products and services in an easy and efficient shopping experience.

Testimonial from

Sean Sportun, Manager, Security & Loss Prevention Central Canada

What are your security concerns?

“Mac's Convenience Stores recognizes the critical importance partnerships play in the prevention of crime and the positive impact such collaborative actions can have on their brand and overall safety of their store environments. The convenience store environment is a unique business model for a business security professional. Our stores sell age restricted products (i.e. tobacco/lottery tickets), which come with regulatory concerns. Our stores sell gasoline which creates environmental challenges.

Our stores sell food items which involves food safety requirements. On top of that, we are a 24-hour operation which brings in customers at all hours of the day and night which in itself presents a number of issues; so it can be a challenge to promote security on a daily basis. We also have a number of non-24 hour stores that can be potential targets for the criminal element; along with intrusion alarms and for these reasons we also require alarm monitoring.”

How did ADT address your concerns?

“I see our relationship with ADT as a partnership with the common goal of employee safety and asset protection. When we first partnered with ADT 9 years ago, they listened to our needs and suggested the appropriate commercial security solutions, namely CCTV systems and alarm intrusion monitoring. Their open-mindedness and exceptional support helped make the integration of our DVR project happen.  For example, if there is an issue with a DVR not working or a camera angle needs adjusting, all it takes is one call or one email and we have a tech in there, usually within a few hours.”

What are some benefits of having ADT’s services?

“Over the years we have seen the number of robberies go down 44%. We attribute this to a combination of our own initiatives, but also our partnership with ADT. We have also set the standard for quality of footage needed for police investigations within the convenience store industry. When we speak to police agencies across Ontario, the feedback we always get is how they (the police) promote what we do and the CCTV systems we use at Mac’s to other independent convenience store chains.”

Would you recommend ADT to someone else?

“Absolutely. ADT has gone above and beyond what we ever expected as an integrator and partner. They are always willing to work with us to protect our employees, our vendors and our customers.”