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Sonaca Mirabel

Year partnership with ADT began


Areas served

Mirabel, Quebec

Company description

SONACA is an aerospace construction company headquartered in Belgium with offices and plants around the world. At Mirabel, SONACA’s core business is the development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of aerospace structures and associated subsystems.

Testimonial from

Alex Robillard
Building Coordinator

What are your security concerns?

“We operate a major plant with over 250,000 square feet and about 300 employees. Given that our plant contains 10 basins, each holding 40,000 litres of chemical products, my priority is to monitor the level of product in each basin by mechanical supervision. We certainly don’t want basins to overflow and cause serious environmental damage.”

To help prevent unwanted incidents, we monitor the rest of the plant using cameras. Also, since it’s important to prevent intrusion, we monitor access to all plant entrances.”

How did ADT address your concerns?

“ADT created a customized solution to meet our needs, including mechanical supervision of our basins, intrusion surveillance, access control, and cameras.

Mechanical supervision of basins alerts us when the level of chemical products exceeds a pre-determined threshold. If this were to happen, ADT would call us immediately to let us know. Fortunately, this has never happened!

ADT provides us with intrusion surveillance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps prevent theft, fraud, vandalism and other unwanted events.

Our access control system ensures that employee and administrative entrances are protected at all times, and that only people with access cards can gain entry. No need any more to use keys and locks, which was time-consuming, costly and increased the risk of error. Our magnetic control card system simplifies employee access.

We have installed 13 ADT cameras, which we use to watch over our plant in real time.  Thanks to these cameras, we can prevent incidents, manage productivity and ensure compliance with regulations more effectively.”

What are some benefits of having ADT’s services?

“We now have peace of mind knowing that our basins are closely monitored to prevent chemical product overflow and related damage. Our access control and intrusion surveillance system ensures that only authorized persons have access to our facilities. If the intrusion alarm were triggered, Protectron’s response would be immediate. ADT’s cameras allow us to watch over our facilities effectively.”

Would you recommend ADT to someone else?

“Yes, definitely. Their solutions can be customized to fit the needs of different businesses, whatever their size and complexity.”