How to protect yourself from deceptive door knockers.

We recognize that not all "door knockers" are bad. In fact, you may have joined the ADT-Protectron family after having met with one of our ADT-Protectron door-to-door sales representatives or ADT-Protectron Authorized Dealers. It’s unfortunate but we hear from our customers that certain competitors of ours employ deceptive sales practices to attempt to lure you away from or cancel your ADT-Protectron security. So, we’ve put together this guide to make sure you are fully prepared when approached by a door-to-door salesperson selling home security.

Ask to see official ADT-Protectron company identification.

First and foremost, always confirm a sales rep or Authorized Dealer’s affiliation with our brand by asking to see official ADT-Protectron company identification. If they do not show official ADT-Protectron ID, don’t believe it. If in doubt, call us immediately at 800-653-9111.

Don’t give out your ADT-Protectron or personal account information.

Until the sales rep has presented official ADT-Protectron ID, be aware of questions about your personal information. Do not jeopardize your financial, medical or personal identity.

Don’t change your security provider without calling us first.

On rushed installations the equipment may be installed improperly, which may impact how your system is monitored. Improper termination of an account could result in customers paying multiple monthly charges.



Listen for common "deceptive door knocker" phrases used to gain access into your home. Here are some examples of false claims from fraudulent door-to-door sales reps, and the truth behind them:

  • CLAIM: Since being acquired by ADT, your monitoring and customer care are being done from the US.
  • REALITY: Not true! The same ADT-Protectron employees are still here and our monitoring and customer care centres are all based in Canada. 
  • CLAIM: Your Protectron security system is not being monitored.
  • REALITY: We have live operators working 24/7 and Five Diamond certification. If you set off your alarm and cancel the alarm with a valid user code, you will not receive a call from an operator as a measure to reduce false alarms.
  • CLAIM: They can help you "cancel" your services.
  • REALITY: Only the registered owner can cancel their service with us for security reasons, and this should be done by phone.
  • CLAIM: Only they can upgrade your security system for a competitive price.
  • REALITY: We offer a full suite of Protectron Smart Security products and services. Plus, you can now get a great deal on a system upgrade!

New technology – we have it!

As with all technology, security is constantly evolving. We want to ensure that our customers have access to the best products and services available - as your needs evolve our products and services keep pace. In addition, we ensure that new technologies meet our high standards for reliability and durability – all at an affordable price.

Our customers have access to the latest interactive smart home security on the market. Find out more by visiting our Interactive security and home automation services guide. For more information, please contact us at 800-653-9111.