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According to research by the Public Health Agency of Canada1, one in three Canadian seniors, those aged 65 years and up, will fall during the year while going about his or her daily activities. With today's emphasis on maintaining an independent lifestyle, a broad variety of products have come on the market to help older Canadians stay safe, such as our LifeCallTM medical alert.

What is LifeCall?

You, or someone you know, may want to join the thousands of people who have turned to Reliance Protectron's LifeCall medical alert to provide peace of mind. The LifeCall system consists of two essential elements:

  1.  An integrated two-way voice unit which is connected to a power source and your telephone line, and a personal help button which can be worn as a bracelet or a pendant;
  2. The LifeCall system is connected to Reliance Protectron's 24-hour monitoring centres in which specially trained operators are standing by, ready to respond.

How does LifeCall work?

At the push of the personal help button you will be connected with a monitoring centre operator who will take the appropriate measures including dispatching emergency personnel if required. And with your complete file in our system, your medical history can be available to emergency services as soon as they're notified that you need assistance.

Benefits of LifeCall:

  • The personal help button is waterproof so it can be worn in the shower, where dangerous falls are likely to occur;
  • The LifeCall system is designed to be self-installed – once you receive the components by courier, just follow the simple instructions and you will be up and running in no time
  • When the personal help button or two-way communicator unit are low on battery, our monitoring centre receives a signal indicating that these medical alert devices need new batteries.
  • There are a wide variety of payment options to suit any budget, including rental or

If you're a senior—or have a loved one who is—don't give in to the "fear of falling" without first seeing how LifeCall can help bring peace of mind. For product and pricing information, visit our LifeCall website at or call our Customer Care agents at 1 800 661-5433.

Give your house a quick safety inspection by reviewing our Top 10 Tips for Preventing Falls at Home.

Top 10 Tips for preventing falls at home

1.  Go room to room and identify potential risks
2. Make safety upgrades, adding railings or grab bars, for example
3. Repair rickety stairs, remove slippery rugs
4. Let there be light—especially in halls, stairways, and dark rooms
5. Clear clutter—get electrical cords, etc. out from underfoot
6. Recognize what you can and can't (or shouldn't) do
7. Stay fit—non-impact exercises like tai chi can boost balance
8. Choose "sensible shoes" to help stay on your feet
9. Know the drill: Develop a plan to follow in case of an accident
10. Don't give in to "fear of falling"—a solution like LifeCall can be invaluable

  1. Report of Seniors' Falls in Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, 2005.



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