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Summer has ended and as we enter autumn the temperature can be unpredictable. Beyond just a standard programmable thermostat, the interactive thermostat from Reliance Protectron lets you take convenience and energy management to the next level with features including smart scheduling, customized triggers, and remote control.

The interactive thermostat is wireless for easy installation and is designed to be used with central air conditioning. Together with your Go!Control security system and a subscription to interactive services, you will have access to the online portal where you can take advantage of the following interactive functionalities:

Smart scheduling

Because your interactive thermostat is integrated with your security system, your activity patterns such as when you leave and return home are captured in your online portal. These behavioural insights empower you to set smarter schedules by adjusting the temperature while no one is there. This will help you optimize your energy use and save money.

Customized triggers

You can create a “rule” in your online portal whereby an event of your choice will trigger a change in status in a component of your security system, such as your interactive thermostat. For example, you can trigger the thermostat to lower the temperature when you arm your security system for the night.

Remote control

The online portal can be accessed from any Web-enabled device, including your smartphone. The mobile application has an intuitive user interface so you can easily adjust the thermostat right from the palm of your hand, from anywhere in the world. This can be especially useful if you are away on vacation and realize you have forgotten to adjust your thermostat. Now you can simply log on to your portal and set the thermostat to an energy-saving mode until you return.

Don’t settle for a standard programmable thermostat. Choose the interactive thermostat and enjoy unparalleled convenience and energy management. For more information about our interactive thermostat, click here or call our Customer Care agents today at 1-855-340-5437.

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