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Most of us greet spring with open arms. But heavy rains and spring flooding can sometimes do serious damage to a home. Did you know that flood and leak detectors coupled with ADT monitoring can help minimize, or if detected early enough, even avoid costs due to water damage? Here are some important facts to know about water damage.
  • Insurance claims due to water damage and freezing are 7 times more common than theft claims.1
  • 60 % of these claims are caused by faulty indoor appliances or plumbing leaks, 25% by heavy rain or flooding, and 11% by overflowing sewers or sump pumps.1
  • Some condominium agreements hold owners responsible for water damage they cause to neighbouring residences.
  • Mold can result from even minimal contact with water, and it can be difficult and expensive to remove, causing insurance premiums to rise.

Leaks can be especially sneaky, going undetected for hours and causing extensive damage. Repairs can take weeks or months, and you may need to evacuate the premises while work is done. And then there’s the cost, especially if you’ve invested thousands of dollars to finish your basement or have lost expensive furniture, computers, or home electronics.



  • We will follow your emergency call list protocol as outlined in your account.
  • If you are subscribed to our free2  text messaging service TeleGARD™, you will also receive a text message alert sent directly to your cell phone or email inbox, telling you exactly what the problem was. The text message alert would be (for example): "The basement flood sensor reported a flood alarm".
  •  If you are subscribed to our interactive services, you will receive a notification on your cell phone when your flood and leak detector senses water, through the application available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android. 

Early detection of floods and leaks can save you substantial amounts of money and time—not to mention heartache. To learn more about the benefits of monitoring for flood and leak detection, call Customer Care at 800-653-9111.

  1. Insurance Information Institute 2009
  2. TeleGARD™ text messaging service is free for the first phone number or email address to which the text message alerts will be sent. Additional phone numbers or email addresses can be added to your account for a minimal charge. Some exceptions may apply, please call us for details.


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