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The spring thaw can bring heavy rains and flooding, putting your house at risk of water damage. Here are some facts about water damage that all homeowners should be aware of, and how flood and leak detectors and monitoring for flood and leak detection can help.
  • According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than seven times as many insurance claims are caused by water damage and freezing (17%) than by theft (2%). 1
  • Of those water related claims, 60 % were caused by faulty indoor appliances or plumbing leaks, 25% were caused by heavy rain or flooding and 11% were caused by sewers or sump pumps that overflowed.1
  • Water damage can be caused by a variety of things including a washing machine hose that splits, pipes that freeze and burst, an overflowing toilet, or a water heater that fails.
  • In some condominium agreements, if you are a condo owner you are responsible for the water damage you cause to your neighbour’s condo.
  • You might need to leave your home for weeks or even months in order to repair water damage, which could be highly inconvenient.
  • Costs to repair water damage can be very high especially if you have invested thousands of dollars to finish your basement with hardwood floors, expensive furniture, computer equipment, or home entertainment systems.
  • Even if water damage appears minimal, the cost to remove the mold can be significant and can cause your insurance premiums to rise.
  • More and more insurance companies are offering rebates or discounts on home insurance for flood and leak detectors installed with a monitored security system.
  1. Insurance Information Institute, 2009

Wouldn’t you like to know the moment there is a flood or leak in your home in order to limit water damage? Thanks to ADT’s flood and leak detectors and monitoring for flood and leak detection, now you can. The flood and leak detector is installed where you are most likely to experience flooding and other water damage, such as in a basement. When our sensors detect the presence of water, a signal is sent to our monitoring centre and from there you can be notified through one of the following ways.

1. Phone call from a monitoring centre agent.

  • ADT provides 24/7 monitoring for flood and leak detection and will follow your call list protocol when your flood and leak detector senses water.

2. Flood and leak notification directly to your cell phone or email

  • You can get an instant notification by receiving a text message on your cell phone or in an email when your flood and leak detector senses water. TeleGARD™ is our exclusive electronic messaging service that makes this possible. What’s more, this electronic notification service is free for the first phone number or email address you choose to receive notifications at! If you are interested in learning more about TeleGARD™, please complete our online TeleGARD™ application form.


  • With an interactive services subscription you will receive a notification on your cell phone when your flood and leak detector senses water, through the application available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Our interactive services give you complete management and control of your security system through your online account at, including the capability to arm and disarm your system remotely. Read more about our interactive services.

By detecting floods and leaks early, you can save a substantial amount of money and time when it comes to water damage repair. ADT has the solution with flood and leak detection and monitoring. Do not hesitate to contact Customer Care at 800-653-9111.

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