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Is your home flood proof?

Over the years most homeowners can expect to experience at least one form of water damage to their home. It could be the washing machine hose that splits, pipes that freeze and burst, the dishwasher that leaks, a toilet that overflows, or a water heater that fails. Any one of these events can lead...

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Why you need a low temperature sensor

Frozen pipes… Winter’s worst nightmare Frozen pipes. A flooded home. Costly repairs. Winter's worst nightmare. But it doesn't have to be yours! With a low temperature sensor, you'll know when your home's interior temperature dips dangerously. The sensor activates the security system and notifies yo...

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Save money on energy bills this winter

How can you manage your heating more effectively this winter, ensuring not only perfect temperature in your home, but also saving money on your energy bills? The answer is: thanks to our interactive thermostat! The ADT-Protectron interactive thermostat is available as an optional peripheral devic...

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